Krause Bricks - Unique Quality Crafted Bricks & Pavers

Krause Bricks

Krause Bricks Pty. Ltd. was established in 1945 by John Krause and is now owned and managed by his son Patrick and grandson Klynton. Located in the rural Victorian city of Stawell, the company manufactures a highly differentiated boutique brick product, with a product range consisting of wire-cut and pressed bricks, blocks and pavers in vivid reds and blues through to warm, earthy colours.

All bricks products are manufactured using traditional methods such as down-draught batch kilns which produce colour variations between the bricks within a batch; no two bricks are identical. Each batch may be varied according to customer requirements to complement any design, be it modern, contemporary or old-world.

The Krause Brick range inclueds:

  • Pressed Clay Bricks
  • Krause Extruded Bricks
  • Pavers
  • Krause Bricks
  • Timeless Cobblestones
  • Speciality Designs

Krause Extruded Bricks

Extruded Bricks are manufactured according to traditional methods. We extrude solid clay bricks which are oil-fired to produce old-world colours which appear rustic and earthy. They are not mass produced so, once again, all bricks are hand sorted to your individual requirements.


Pavers can be produced in the same colours as the brick line. Pressed old reds are available in both 50mm and 65mm.

Extruded rustic pavers are manufactured in sizes 75mm, 50mm and 40mm (220x150x40).

Please note that all bricks products may also be used as pavers as they are all solids – old red bricks make brilliant pavers.

Krause Bricks

A 50mm range of pressed or extruded bricks are also available in rustic, warm and earthy colour range.

Timeless Cobblestones

As all extruded bricks are solids they may be tumbled after firing to produce a cobblestone effect.